Two times 5 in Vietnam: +5 Gini to the models, 5x data ROI. ATM Online case study

Amid rapid economic growth of fintech industry which we have witnessed for the last few years, strong and reliable partners make this growth even more sustainable and significant. JuicyScore started a very successful collaboration with ATM online - one of the leaders of online lending industry. The group companies conduct very remarkable and successful activities in Vietnam and in a number of other countries in South and Southeast Asia.

Cooperation with JuicyScore

The companies started cooperation in the second half of 2020 by launching a pilot project in Vietnam on a new credit applications flow. Sustainable and stable device identifier as well as the informativeness of data vector of JuicyScore solution helped to create stronger risk technology stack and to deal with several challenges related to fraud risk prevention as well as enhanced company's scoring models.

The key result of the pilot project is implementation of score and a range of other vector parameters in antifraud model and borrowers' credit risk assessment; since February 2021 ATM Online launched JuicyScore product commercial use on their platforms in Vietnam.

As a part of fraud prevention JuicyScore made it possible to filter out the applications with evidence of high risk and commercial fraud.

According to Denis Aleksandrov, Risk Director of ATM Online Group in Asia, “Data vector parameters, such as combination of user online behaviour markers, combination of markers of internet connection quality, device technical parameters have been included in credit risk assessment models, which allows to add 5 Gini points to the model resolution. Among with implementation of antifraud rules based on JuicyScore device identifier it also reduced the level of credit risk as well as yielded in quick ROI during the first months of cooperation (expected 5 times ROI with strategy further adjustment on 6-month horizon)."

JuicyScore also helped to reduce the level of commercial fraud significantly.


JuicyScore company was established in 2016. It provides technological solutions for fraud prevention in online-business and financial products risks reduction, it also provides customized score, analytics and consult on score modeling and decision making system in 17 countries all over the globe. All the solutions are customized due to the clients need providing analysis of data flow and score. The main feature of JuicyScore is that personal or sensitive data as well as direct user identifiers are not used, which has certain positive impact on the clients' reputation. The company is compliant to EU legislation on personal data (GDPR) all the device authentication technologies and data algorithms are proprietary, the company has 4 patents.

ATM online

ATM online is an international online lending company that offers customized consumer loans with the single-platform solution. The company was established in 2015. The service is based on the latest technologies such as holistic scoring and highly predictive models. The service has over 500,000 registered users and is growing immensely - today's credit portfolio reaches 7 mln USD. Retention rate of the company is extremely high: 9 out of 10 customers come back to take another loan. ATM online integrated all major payment channels, such as Payoo, Viettel and bank transfers.