JuicyScore & Finovate 2018 – value of non-personal data

Currently, an active reassessment is under way regarding the use of personal data in the number of regions worldwide. The new GDPR will enter into force in the EU, and this is likely to be only the beginning. We may expect new regulations on personal data – PSD3 and GDPR2 data in the next 3–5 years. Those directives are not specific to the EU. It is highly likely that we will see similar initiatives in other markets in the nearest future.

The primary reason behind those changes in the regulatory framework is regulators’ demand for enhanced security of personal data and end users.
Today, on the one hand, personal data is the key to a wide range of online services, which is obviously a positive aspect. On the other hand, insufficient regulation leads to personal data leakages, which is the opposite side of the wide of digital services.

The existing difficulties connected with personal data are not limited to security. Another problem, which many companies are now trying to resolve, is the relatively low information value of personal data in the online area comparing with the offline world. The solution lies in finding additional information sources / data systems that are not connected to personal data or an individuals.

We are at JuicyScore – have substantially challenged the value of personal data. And we have created a full-fledged platform for risk management for financial online organisations based on non-personal data that makes it possible to significantly enrich and increase the efficiency of existing risk management solutions. This platform is grounded on the following principles:
— no personal data is involved;
— a wide range of online predictors is available that may be easily integrated into the risk assessment process;
— a set of online tools is available for online monitoring and risk strategies adjustments.

Our first public presentation was held at Finovate, one of the most prestigious international venues for financial innovations:

Finovate was organised at very high level. We hope that, similar Fintech international conferences will be held in Moscow in the nearest future.