Finovate Middle East 2019. Risk Management as a Service prototype demo

In November 2019 we were demoing at Finovate for the third time – it was Finovate Middle East in Dubai. Similar to previous Finovate conferences which we had honour to be invited in 2018 we keep showing non-personal data efficiency and secure use of biometry for authentication and risk evaluation.

Within last 3 years we have been evolving the ideas of end-user security and using non-personal data and discovered that in many cases this data is sufficient not only to make decision on financial product application but also to build the elements of online application risk monitoring system for both web and mobile channels.

Launching our biometry solution last year we were able to enhance device authentication algorithms and to reduce the “grey” zone in decision making process. This time we decided to focus on those who are on the front line of fight with fraud and high risks and to furnish out with usable interface to conduct online risk evaluation and monitoring.

Today, we are pleased to introduce Risk Management as a Service, which is a quintessence of technology for extracting and processing non-personal data on device, user and user behaviour, secure biometry and multifunctional user interface.

We invite you to the first demonstration of our Risk Management as a Service platform to share this important moment with us!

The product prototype we presented represents a practical implementation of our principles and technologies, combines the three most important components:

Already familiar to many of you, the necessary set of libraries and SDKs for collecting data about the device, Internet connection and user behaviour in the web and mobile channels;
Open API with a high-informative data vector for model design and risk evaluation and
The client’s personal account, where there is the necessary functionality for the practical application of the obtained data and the design of the risk management process and solving the problems associated with it, which the risk manager or underwriter faces in everyday work.

Three and a half years ago, we opened a new chapter in digital risk management and during that time showed that the online financial world can be made safer by refusing personal data and significantly reducing risks for all its participants; and many thanks to our partners and clients who share our principles and succeed, including with our help and support