JuicyScore data policy
1. General Provisions
2. Terms and Definitions
3. User Data Processing
4. Personal Data Processing
5. Tracking Technologies
6. Data Storage and Protection
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1. General Provisions

Data Policy (hereafter «the Policy») is the present document, describing Virtual Users’ User Data processing order, carried out by the Company during rendering services on fraud risk and other operational risks identification for the purpose of financial, reputational and other losses reduction for Customer’s and Licensee’s businesses and services, carried out online via the Internet. It also describes the Company’s policy towards Personal Data Processing and discloses the information about the measures taken in the Company in order to ensure Personal Data security for protection of human and civil rights and liberties during one’s Personal Data Processing, including protection of rights to privacy and private life.

The Policy is valid from April 27, 2024.

If there is no interpretation of the term used in “Terms and Definitions” section, the interpretation of the term, if necessary, is carried out in accordance with the Legislation.

Policy application and limitation of liability of the Company

This Policy applies to the Company software use released in the last 6 (six) months for front-end/data collection and testing libraries and 36 (thirty-six) months for back-end/scoring libraries. We constantly notify Customers/Licensees of the necessary updates and provide all necessary materials and assistance, including automatic update mechanisms for front-end libraries.
We reserve the right to modify the present Policy anytime.
We kindly ask you to look through all the updates of our Policy on a regular basis.

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