JS Platform: 5 in 1. Risk management automation

Dear friends and partners!

We are delighted to inform you about one of the most important events of this year: we have released a new set of products, combined into one platform: JS Platform. Most of the products are already available worldwide.

We challenged rather difficult task: to find and develop fundamentally new technologies, however this time we managed to outdo ourselves and released new generation of products, providing significant additional effect in comparison to the previous versions. For the last few months we managed to complete over 700 Data science, Risk management and IT tasks in order to release our new product.

The new product generation has a range of significant changes from the perspective of efficiency for our partners. Here are the main updates, which you will find in JS Platform:

  1. 15+ new parameters and variables in JuicyScore and JuicyID;
  2. Antifraud scoring with Gini increase;
  3. 45+ new anomalies and randomizers tests, which also let to detect various fraudulent digital instruments;
  4. For the first time, a separate group of tests will be allocated for remote access detection on a user’s device;
  5. The system of estimated income verification has been improved significantly for mobile SDK users;
  6. We elaborated totally new approaches to self-learning models and their efficiency increase;
  7. Offline to online solution has been developed. It helps to improve risk assessment significantly without affecting the conversion rate;
  8. New device authentication technologies have been developed, including device randomization detection;
  9. We created on-premise/local variant of JuicyBio, later on we are going to focus only on JuicyBio on-premise development. This solution is now undergoing the last stages of testing;
  10. Service operating speed has been increased by 50%+

Despite the difficult situation all over the world as well as the essential changes in the work of all the financial market players, Juicy Team keeps up high development speed in order to extend the functionality of our products and generate more value to our clients and partners.

We permanently conduct researches to identify new attributes, work on strengthening of our expert valuation in digital risk management to help our clients and partners in their day-to-day work, fraud prevention and risk assessment. Thanks to all of you for your support and sharing your ideas!

Yours JuicyTeam