Robocash: JuicyScore Service Reduces Operational Risks By 75%

In times of crisis, when the markets drop, one of the key goals of any company is to maintain long-term and time-tested partnerships. This is especially important when the crisis affects a huge number of areas, industries, countries and macroregions, when the usual models and rules suddenly stop working, and there is a minimum of time to build new ones.

JuicyScore has been operating for 4+ years, providing services to financial institutions in 13 countries and a technological solution for assessing various types of risk in online lending based on proprietary technologies and without using borrowers personal data and direct identifiers. The digital fingerprint of the device (JuicyDeviceID) provided as part of the service allows to successfully prevent technical fraud, device manipulation and randomising. The vector of informative data, which consists of almost 200 attributes, including anti-fraud scoring, a set of combined aggregates by device, virtual user and network connection, strengthens internal credit risk models and allows setting-up a set of rules for filtering high-risk applications with fraud markers. The depth and constant development of technologies allows moving forward and provide additional means to reduce losses from operational risk.

We are happy that there are companies among our partners whom we cooperate with from the very beginning of our work and continue to fruitfully cooperate today, helping to mutual growth and synergy. We are inspired that our products and technologies help companies to become the leaders in the industry.

One of these partners is the Robocash Group holding (represented in Russia as MFC Zaymer), which has rightfully become the leader of the microlending market in the Russian Federation and occupies a strong position in the markets of 6 more countries. Through this partnership, JuicyScore provides a fraud and credit risk assessment service to significantly reduce losses from high-risk applications. In addition, JuicyScore, within its competence, assists in the investigation of credit applications related to high risk cases and fraud schemes.

In February-March 2020, as a result of the joint work of experts from both companies, MFC Zaymer portfolio segments analysis was carried out in order to identify the most difficult cases of fraud and their further prevention. As a result of this project, a number of anti-fraud rules were developed based on the data vector, which is provided as part of the JuicyScore solution. For example, rules were built on the basis of anti-fraud scoring, a combination of high-risk markers, a set of Internet connection anomalies, as well as a number of individual parameters for high-risk versions of browsers and devices.

According to Arvis Strods, Robocash Group CRO: “The JuicyScore service allows detecting at least 75% of applications with a high level of operational risk in the online stream. The data vector provided within the service allowed us to strengthen our decision engine both in terms of reducing bad loans and identifying potentially “good” customers, in cases where traditional data sources do not provide sufficient information. The data ROI is at least 15 times on the application inflow in the Russian Federation and a number of other markets”.

Robocash Group

An international financial group, founded in 2013, operating in the segment of alternative consumer lending and marketplace funding in Europe and Asia. The company is developing robotic financial services, providing consumer microlending to clients in Russia, Kazakhstan, Spain, Philippines, Indonesia, Vietnam and India, and operates its own P2P investment platform operating in the European Union and Switzerland. As of August 2020, it has a client base of 11 million borrowers, the total amount of loans issued for the entire period of operation is about $ 743 million. The holding independently develops products using Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and DATA-technologies to ensure accurate and comprehensive risk management, comfort and speed for clients and efficiency for business.

MFC “Zaymer”

One of the largest micro lending companies in the Russian Federation, which main business focus in online loan disbursement for PDL and Installment segments. Owns two fully automated lending services “Robot Zaymer” and “Robocredit”. According to the Expert-RA, at the end of 2019  Zaymer is the leader in the microlending market in terms of the of micro-loan volumes issued and the micro-loans portfolio volumes in the PDL segment. According to the National Rating Agency, the company's leadership in terms of the size of its loan portfolio has been confirmed as of  Q1-2020. It is part of the international holding company Robocash Group.


The company was founded in 2015, operates in Russia and 13 other countries around the world, provides a solution for assessing various types of risk for online business in the financial services industry. It has the widest stack of device authentication technologies on the market (now there are 29) - all technologies are proprietary and protected by patent laws in a number of countries. The technology stack based on proprietary authentication and device assessment technologies is one of the strongest in the markets where the company is operating (Our patents are available at links,

Within the entire operations, the company has processed profiles of more than 3 billion devices around the world.