Remote work should be productive - we launched a new version of API v.12 working in a home office format

We are pleased to announce the launch of the next generation of our JuicyScore product - APIv12. The new generation is not just a serial number increased by one, it is a number of important changes to the product in terms of its information value and effect for our partners and customers. Our approach remains unchanged - we do not use any personal data and direct customer identifiers and continue working on Internet security for financial market.

Today we will tell you about the most significant updates to our product.

Key changes and adds-on which will be introduced to our clients and partners within the API v 12:

  • An extended stack of device authentication technologies, we have added 5 new technologies recently and now there are 28 of them, which makes our device fingerprint even more stable in time and much more resistant to various anomalies. This is especially important for highly competitive and high-risk markets.
  • We have significantly extended the range of detected randomizers - more than 270 algorithms and techniques aimed at identifying software of this type are reflected in the new attributes, as well as the supplemented Index variables (IDX) of our data vector and score model.
  • 17 new attributes in the data vector - an extended set of behavioural markers on the applicant fulfilling an application for a financial product will help to identify high-risk segments more effectively, as well as a number of new parameters for a network connection for a better assessment of the Internet infrastructure and the risks associated with it.

In additional to that:

  • Improved stability and information value of the most of the Index variables (IDX);
  • Extending the list of IDX1 stop factors - supplemented by a number of new markers for device randomization;
  • The increased information value of the whole data vector by 25% compared to the previous version of the API.

This time we paid special attention to the score model. We managed to achieve a significant increase in predictive power by 25% compared with the previous generation model. The model is still calibrated for several reference values ​​(recommended cut-off levels depending on risk appetite), and a number of new behavioural factors made it possible to significantly increase the detected high-risk segment even after all stop-factors have been triggered.

We will not stop our product evolvement and also plan additional updates later this year, which will reduce risks and provide better understanding of online users behavior without using personal data and direct identifiers.

Despite the crisis and instability in the world that all players of the financial market faced in the first half of 2020, we keep investing resources and time into developing technologies and new data attributes, strengthening our expertise in digital risk management in order to help our customers and partners in their day-to-day activities in fraud prevention and risk assessment. Thank you all for your support and new ideas!

Do not hesitate to contact us via info@juicyscore.com and provide any feedback

Sincerely yours, JT